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Integromat is now Make! Now what?

Integromat is now Make and they have a brand-new platform. For over 2 years Integromat has been hard at work to create a 2.0 version of their awesome product. Along the way they were acquired by Celonis. Instead of launching Integromat 2.0 they went all in and rebranded at the same time. This is a big change: new logo, new visual identity, new name, new domain, new features ...

So, what are the most important changes and things to know?

1. What are the main exciting changes with Make?

  • Simultaneous processing

  • Make app and Make API access

  • Improved mapping experience

  • Full-text Search logs

  • Teams and team roles

  • New Name, New Visual Identity

2. What happen to my current Integromat account?

Your current account will still work on the current domain: There is no rush to make any changes, you will be able to use your Integromat account until the end of 2023. You will probably want to upgrade a bit before the deadline.

New users will not be able to open an Integromat account starting today.

3. How to upgrade to Make from Integromat

The Integromat team, sorry I mean the Make team has created an awesome tool to migrate from the Integromat to Make. You can access the migration tool here:

The tool allows to seamlessly migrate all the scenarios, webhooks, connections and custom apps to Make. It is very intuitive and fast. One of the issues you could face is that Integromat webhooks and mailhooks can only be used in one scenario in Make. So, if you have scenarios using the same webhook in Integromat you will have to change that before you migrate. Another important consideration is that your scenarios' logs will not be migrated.

4. How much does it cost to upgrade?

The upgrade does not cost anything. When you upgrade from Integromat you will get an equivalent subscription in Make. You will get the same number of operations at the same price. You will keep that price until you decided to change your plan so make sure you have the right plan before you migrate to take advantage of this generous offer.

5. How does Make compare to Integromat in terms of pricing?

Make will be significantly more expensive than Integromat, but it is an even more powerful tool so you will get an amazing return on investment.

The pricing structure in Make is quite different. You can see for yourself on their new pricing page. There are now 5 plans: Free, Core, Pro, Teams and Enterprise. All those tiers correspond to a different level of features. The Core plan is the closest in terms of feature to all current Integromat paid plans. Once you have selected a plan you can then select the number of operations you need. Plans with more features have a higher cost per operations.

Most of the new features that will get users excited about are available in the plan Pro or above. Most notably Pro includes the Full text execution log search (I am personally very excited about this one) and Teams has ...well team capabilities. The ability to have teams in Integromat will for sure be a game changer for Enterprise accounts.

So how big is the prince hike? See below the pricing comparison for monthly billing between Integromat and Make Plans



Make - Core

Make - Pro

Make - Team





















As you can see depending on the Make plan you chose and the number of operations you need your monthly cost will increase between 17% and 430%. The differences between Integromat and Make Core are very minimal for the low volume of operations (+17% for 10k and 40k operations) but quite significant for the higher volume plan (+94% for the 800k operations).


Some will be very excited about those changes; some will be very anxious about them. Personally, I was expecting a price increase for a long time, and I am satisfied with the compromise offered by Make team. The increase for most customers that will select the Core plan will be reasonable, but companies that need Enterprise level features like teams will be able to have access to them by paying a premium. The migration tool is as good as it gets but if you have shared webhooks it will require some work to prepare for the migration.

If you need some assistance to prepare for this big change, please do not hesitate to reach out! Contact us

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