Willow Processing

Custom Loan Processing App


The Company

Willow Processing mission is to revolutionize the very traditional Loan Processing business. Their mission is to process loans faster than their competition while providing a smooth experience for the borrowers, loan officers and brokers.

The challenge

Loan processing is a complex process with many steps that need to be performed by different stakeholders accurately and efficiently. Deadlines are critical. When the loan processing is managed using a spreadsheet or paper it is inefficient and error prone. The team at Willow processing wanted to streamline that process so their client could track their loans easily and provide required information with minimal friction. When they contacted us initially they needed help to finalize a pretty advanced Monday.com system. They had run into a wall and were trying to use Integromat to overcome some Monday.com limitations. After spending several hours enhancing their Monday application we had an open conversation about the limitations of their build and Monday itself.

The solution

Instead of hacking Monday to fit their use case we convinced them to use the concepts that they had built on Monday to build a brand new app from scratch on Knack. Knack is a true relational database no-code app builder. Knack is not as famous or hype as some of their distant cousins like Airtable, Bubble or Monday but the product is very robust and it was the perfect platform for Willow processing. Instead of having to compromise all day long with a one size fit all platform like Monday we built an app that is 100% customized to their process and needs. In the process we were able to scrap some costly 3rd party apps like Box.com and of course, as often, we started to add new features that were not part of the initial scope, like processor payroll. For advanced features we used Integromat, another amazing no-code tool, to power charge Knack. After 6 weeks their app was exceeding their expectations and ready to go live. We provided training to their staff so they are able to enhance and tweak their app with no or minimal assistance, so their app keeps on getting better.

"Soluntech credited the wireframes, designed the pages, developed the CSS, and updated the views on the page to adopt the look and feel it currently displays." - Soluntech.com

Apps used

Knack Partner - Custom app
Integromat Knack Integration
Quickbooks Online Automation

From Rolf Monson, President of  Willow Processing

"We can’t speak highly enough about Loic and his contribution to our company.When we first started our mortgage processing company, our mission was to move the needle for processing in our industry and offer a superior product on the market. We knew technology would play a central part, but we never imagined how important it would become.Above all, Loic is someone who understands business. When Loic first gave us examples of how a system based on Knack and Integromat could unlock tremendous value, he did so using business workflows, tying everything back to our process, revenue generation, and cost reduction. This was a language we could understand.Making the decision to switch to Knack and Integromat changed everything for us. We now have an open system capable of sending and receiving data from anywhere. This is now the primary way that we compete and win business. Traditionally, the cost for our customers to switch processing companies is near zero, however, our technology integrations give us staying power. Additionally, we can automate just about anything.While we still keep Loic on a retainer for his expertise, Loic trained us to be able to create new workflows and automations on our own and have independence. We continue to work with him, not because we are locked in by a complex system, but because he is the best.For anyone debating the importance of modernizing their systems, whether it be core business applications or new apps to tackle new opportunities, Loic and his team have assembled the right technology stack. No one else I talk to has gotten more value at a better price."