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Our Story

I have started Wiseflow in 2019.  I wanted to share my passion for solving business problems and building automations.


In 2015 I joined Sunsational Swim School and helped them build a brand new core system to manage and grow their operations. Today Sunsational Swim School is the biggest provider of at-home swimming lessons in the US serving 14 states and over 40 metro areas from Hawaii to NYC and they have over 2000 instructors. 

I realized that I really enjoy solving those complex business problems by building better systems. No-code tools nowadays allowed me to build systems that would have normally cost hundred of thousands of dollars if I had to use developers. There are thousands of small and medium businesses out there that either don't know what they are missing or simply don't know how to get started. 

No-code tools are amazing and don't require coding skills but they still require expertise. Coding is just a small part of building efficient digital tools. Understanding the business processes, the risks and designing a solution that works in real life is equally as important. 


So at Wiseflow we put our hearts and souls in building automations that work, deliver results and help businesses focusing on what matters the most to them.  

Loic Sebe

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