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Wiseflow builds affordable workflow automations that will bring you peace of mind, improve your bottom line and help you grow your business

Why should you start automating your business today?

Do you feel like there is not enough hours in a day to get everything done?

 Are you wasting countless hours to keep your systems up to date?

 Is important information getting lost in translation?

 Are you using multiple apps that are working independently from each other?

If you have replied "yes" to one or more of those questions you probably need some business automation. 

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Increase Productivity

Get rid of inefficiencies and repetitive tasks in your operations and improve productivity. So your team can focus on what they do best


Collect more data

Automation allows to collect and organize data effortlessly. Use it to your advantage to make better informed decision for your business


Improve Accuracy

Automation of processes will allow to reduce human error and improve the quality of your data


Leverage your existing tools

We use the tools that you are familiar to get you started on the path to automation. Unless it is time for an upgrade



Workflow automation allows everyone in your team to follow the same standard procedures


Upgrade your apps

In some cases we might recommend adding or upgrading some apps to take your business automation to the next level

Customer Reviews


"I am very happy with loic He really helped us professionally. The result is super, it was a complex automation that we had presented, but it loic succeeded very well and it works very well and quickly. It now saves us 4 hours a day of labor. we can scale up as a result. Thanks Loic for your time and good service. If we are going to automate something then you are our man!"  Marcel at BHLTHY

Integromat, Google Sheets, WordPress

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Frequently asked questions

Is business automation expensive?

No it is not expensive. Today there is a large offering of 'no-code' tools that allows to build integrations extremely fast and without a developer. That said not everything should be automated. At Wiseflow we always do a basic cost vs benefits analysis before to sell a customer on an automation or integration. In most cases the return on investment is a few weeks or less.

Why should I use a company like Wiseflow versus building my own automations?

If you have the time and the will to learn the ropes of business automation yourself you can of course go this route. This is actually how our founder started. However our experience and expertise will allow you to automate faster and further so you will see the benefits much sooner.

Where are you located?

Our offices are in San Diego, CA


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We master those business automation tools 


Zapier has the largest library of apps available for integration. It is ideal to build integrations in record time


Integromat is ideal to build complex integrations

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Flexible and affordable web app builder. Ideal to quickly build custom apps to manage your business